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Solar Screens

Reduce Heat and Glare With Solar Screens

High-Quality Solar Screens

Give your residential or commercial property the screen services you're looking for by calling Brian at Affordable Screening. Our solar screens can help you lower utility bills, provide privacy, reduce dust, and provide you with a more comfortable environment. 

We offer high-quality services and a 1-YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY on all our materials.
Solar screen window

Reasons for Getting a Solar Screen Installed

  • Solar gain through window results in overheating or uncomfortable glare
  • Homeowners are unwilling to block key views with awnings or other window attachments
  • Large areas of glass would be prohibitively expensive and awkward to replace or fit with other window retrofits, such as storm windows or insulating blinds
  • Concern about fading of artworks, furnishings, carpets, and more

Appropriate or Best-Suited Contexts

Solar screens are best suited for areas with climates that require moderate to significant cooling. They also prevent glare and excessive heating of buildings due to lots of sky exposure and neighboring glass buildings.

Important Factors to Consider When Installing a Solar Screen

  • Ownership
  • Homeowner
  • Long-term apartment renter
  • Short-term apartment renter
  • Live in a condo
  • Live in a historical district

Benefits of Choosing Solar Screens

  • Reduced solar heat gain through windows - many different screens are available with widely varying solar heat rejection properties
  • Reduced glare
  • Excellent UV protection - 75 to 99%
  • Among the most economical solutions to solar shading and heat gain issues - fixed panel
  • Adjustability - roller shade
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Excessive heat and glare from a skylight can make parts of your building very uncomfortable and also increase the cost of air-conditioning. Control the heat and glare by getting a solar screen installed. Contact us today!
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